The Common Cold & Flu Season

Chiropractic care can strengthen your immune system. The common cold is caused by viruses that affect the nose, throat, voice box, and sinuses. It is different than other bacterial and viral infections of the respiratory tract, in that it does not present with a fever. Symptoms typically include a stuffy, drippy nose, scratchy throat, congestion, and watery eyes. The important thing to understand about these viruses is that breathing it in does not make you sick. In fact, research has shown  that viruses planted directly in the mucous lining of the nose only caused the subject to become ill 12 percent of the time. The key for germs to thrive is a fertile environment (a weak immune system).

Chiropractic care, however, will increase a person’s natural resistance to colds. This natural resistance we are talking about is your body’s ability to function optimally which can only happen if you are free of subluxations. Vertebral subluxations are misalignments in the vertebrae of your spine. They prevent proper nerve flow throughout your body and lower your natural resistance. Dr. Benjamin’s job is to find subluxations and correct them with spinal adjustments. When the stress on the nerves is cleared, the body functions at a much higher level. This is the best form of prevention possible!