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Gonstead Chiropractic Center
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 9 reviews
by Virginia on Gonstead Chiropractic Center
Dr Benjamin

I have been going to Dr. Benjamin since February and the improvements in my body are amazing. I have learned so much about what caused some of the health issues that I have experienced. I have my daughter and grandchildren going to him, and we are very pleased with how we have all benefited from his treatments. Whatever your problem might be, you should see Dr. Benjamin for consultation.

by Sara Zimmerman on Gonstead Chiropractic Center

At the age of 24 I had a terrible accident that left me with a three level cervical fusion. I was extremely lucky and because I am so young was able to have a "full" recovery in less than a year, according to my surgeon. I only say "full" because to me my entire life had changed. I was no longer able to do the hobbies I loved or even pitch in on simple house chores without causing awful headaches that medicine couldn't relieve.

When I began seeing Dr. Benjamin I had been dealing with a headache for two weeks and was out of options...Dr. Benjamin fixed me instantly. It was as though my body could circulate again and the true healing began. I could go on and on about the love and security I feel when I walk into his office. I have seen other chiropractors over the years but now I know I never have to feel sick again. I am overjoyed to say I am back in the dance studio and living my life with less and less fear every day!

by Karen on Gonstead Chiropractic Center
Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else!

I have been seeing Dr. Benjamin for several years now for chiropractic care. Even though the office is now a 40 minute drive, I still can't go anywhere else! The staff is always friendly and even when it's been months since a visit I feel right at home. Thanks for all the excellent care for both myself and my daughters!

by Kendra on Gonstead Chiropractic Center

Dr. Benjamin has been nothing short of absolutely amazing. His care has been the best chiropractic care I have ever received and I will never go to another chiropractor. He exclusively practices the Gonstead method and get's instant, amazing results. I am so glad that I decided to put my faith and trust in Dr. Benjamin and do the care plan that he advised me to do. Had I not followed Dr. Benjamin's care plan, I would have been next up in line for surgery. Words can't describe how amazing of a doctor he is, he truly does care about you as his patient. He is an amazing person inside and out, and the results you get from his Gonstead adjustments are phenomenal. Dr. Benjamin has helped me with so many conditions that many doctors haven't been able to help me with, let along diagnose. After my consultation and reading my x-rays, Dr. Benjamin was able to explain all my problems and conditions I was having just based off looking at my spine. I was speechless and amazed. I, just like all his other patients, have complete trust in Dr. Benjamin with everything he says. I highly recommend anyone of any age to see Dr. Benjamin for any condition they may have. I promise you won't regret it!

by Tabitha on Gonstead Chiropractic Center
Total Care

Dr. Benjamin has been by far the best chiropractor that I have seen. He listens to all the symptoms you are experiencing and does a fantastic job in explaining how it's related to your spine. After just one adjustment not only did my back pain start to subside my symptoms immediately started to fade. I would recommend Dr. Benjamin to all my family and friends, not to mention how lovely and welcoming his staff is!! 🙂

by Angie Flynn on Gonstead Chiropractic Center
Just the facts

Dr Benjamin is awesome. No tricks, just simple hands on treatment. Dr Benjamin has a genuine concern for his patients and always a smile. Thanks for being there for me!

by Greg Madden on Gonstead Chiropractic Center
Great to know a Chiropractor you can trust

I have been seeing Dr. Rich for a long time now and it is great to have him as a chiropractor. He cares about you and your overall health and will do whatever he can to help you improve your quality of life. Dr. Rich and his staff are dedicated to your wellness and they all truly get what it takes to care for their patients and make you feel part of family. If you want to go to a chiropractor that you can trust Dr. Rich and his staff are the ones for you.

Greg M.

by Kayla on Gonstead Chiropractic Center

A comforting place with a wonderful Doctor. My results have been amazing. I no longer have lower back pain, headaches, and I have so much more energy. It really is the truth when they say the health of the body comes from the health of the spine. Thank you Dr. Benjamin for helping my body heal its way back to optimal health!

by Chris Bacon on Gonstead Chiropractic Center
Simply wonderful

Dr. Benjamin is a man who has clearly found his calling. Through my experience with his practice, I learned how important it is for the patient to trust in the process and commit to treatment. He also commits to the patient. It is sometimes a very long process (which is the case with me), but well worth the investment of time. His continued care and support have made a huge difference to me physically, mentally and emotionally. An 'a-ha' moment for me came quite a ways into my treatment. We traveled to visit family for the holidays, which is a 10 hour drive. Every other time we have done this, I became so uncomfortable and restless due to back pain. On this last trip, however, I made the trip with no discomfort! I realized this when we got home and I know this is due to my treatment at Gonstead! Thank you so much,

Chris B